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Our goal and mission is to provide highly competent and efficient sport consulting service, quality additional education and almost perfect organization of events, wich will essentially facilitate the functioning of our clients and also encourage their interest and abilities. The spontaneous friendly relationship and commitment of consultants and mentors are the core of operational success of SCA. Our real challenge is to remain a strong link between the needs of our clients and the proper and successful functioning of sports organizations and athletes as individuals. 


Quality programs for additional education, highly competent and tergeted training, as well as the methods and means of sport consulting processes that are in accordance with modern scientific achievements, allow rising the level of competence among our clients as the basis for undisturbed development of current business and a solid opportunity to start new. 


The facts show that we are probably the most prefered organization in the region, preciesly because we provide to our clients everything that is necessary for succesfull individual and organizational functioning. We are there when we are most needed - our approach and language are the ones that are best understood. 


SCA adapts to the needs for constant innovating in sport consulting and educational process. Practicality and concreteness in training and additional education, that we provide for all our clients, are our greatest asset.


We are fully focused on our clients and we insist on quality, practicality and consistency in implementing the agreement. We are seriously commited to all clients and every client individualy. We are there when we are most needed - our approach and language are best understood from our clients.


We are responsible organization that will meet all the needs of our clients and their professional development.      






Talent management


1. creation and development of opportunities

2. attraction and retention of talent

3. infrastructure support and cooperation

4. integration of analytics and metrics



On demand scouting system  implementation


1. scouting reports
2. internal scouting
3. external scouting
4. personal scouting
5. performance scouting
    and much more…

Financial management of athletes


1. Cash management

2. Investment management

3. Risk management

4. Estate planning

5. Financial planning


Designing and selling of sport events


1. initiation

2. choice of topics / content

3. costs

4. marketing

5. planing

6. event management


Logistics of sport events


1. planing, coordination and supervision

2. cooperative relations

3. negotiation

4. action plan...

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