The heart of the Balkan Peninsula,

a cross-way that links the East and the West,

this piece of land, named Macedonia.

Land with magnificent past, interesting present and bright future. Macedonia is the right destination for adventurers, explorers, discoverers, and those willing to uncover new things.

Travel and witness the magic that this land reveals.

The towns, the little narrow cobbled streets in the old bazaars  the villages surrounded by the smell of the exquisite Macedonian cuisine the old churches, monastaires, the sound of church bells, the smell off burning candles, the beauty of the deep blue lakes, the deepest underwater cave in Europe, the smell of the Molika elk, the taste of the Macedonian vine, the sound of Macedonian music…


Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?


Well, all of it can become your reality. An unforgettable summer which will never vanish from your memory. And that`s not all.

Make your summer an adventure even more interesting. Learn the Macedonian language, culture, tradition and history, while you travel, through an interactive and fun way.

Acknowledged learning with globally recognised certificates.

No need to have a pre-existing knowledge. Our trainers are multilinqual and can cater to various learning levels.

Listen to the local stories, legends, anecdotes which have been passed on from generation to generations. Taste the Macedonian food and pick up some traditional recipe.


Make your summer memorable, surrender yourself to the adventures, surrender yourself to Macedonia, to the real one!

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Stop dreaming

Feel the beauty that Macedonia is offering to you.

Welcome to Macedonia